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Call today to speak to one of our team to book your car in, or for a quotation. Any and all repairs no matter how small come with a 12 month Care Beyond Repair guarantee and 12 months free diagnostic.  We are a fully equipped garage specialising in routine service and maintenance from basic oil changes to timing belt replacements.  NEW: we now fit new tyres, wheel balance, puncture repairs and have 4 wheel laser tracking gauges.




Tony's Garage cannot stress enough the importnace of keeping brakes in good working order. We offer a free, no obligation brake check any time our customer feel they want their brakes checking, either by routine or suspecting a fault and we have the latest diagnostic equipment capable or repairs to electronic brake systems such as Audi and Landrover.


Either during a routine service or during a free brake check all brakes will be measured against the manufacturer's minimum limits and will be advised appropriately. Should a brake repair be necessary we will quote for quality brakes and we give a 12 month  guarantee on all our brakes and you also benefit from our Care Beyond Repair free 12 month doagnostic cover.




AT Tony's Garage we offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of all our customers on both car and commercial vehicles. Services are a fundamental part of looking after your vehicle reducing the risk of breakdowns, a regular service ensures that your car or van is safe for all road users.


Tony's Garage servicing covers everything you would expect from a professional garage from a basic oil change to a major service including manufacturers and long life service schedules. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and keep software updated and we can service and maintain every make and model of vehicle.


We are registered with BMW for filling out electronic service records online and we only fit quality parts that ensure manufacturer warrany integratory


Tony's Garage offers a free clutch check. Should you be experiencing any faults with your clutch our qualified technicians can quickly identify any problems.


We can repair any clutch, flywheel or hydraulic failures on any make of vehicle, we have specialised in clutch repairs on light commercial vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinters, Ford, Transits and Iveco's and our garage is fully equiped for any and all clutch repairs.


As our background is fleet maintenance we understand the urgency of a quick turnaround and we will always strive, wherever possible to complete clutch repairs within the same day.


Oil & Filter

Price  from : £60

Replaces engine oil and oil filter. We also check and top up essential fluids.

Interim Service

Price from : £105

A small service ideal for those that do high mileage and need more frequent servicing.

Full Service

Price from : £135

Our regular 12 month service. An indepth service checking and replacing all the essentials. 

Major Service

Prices from : £ASK

A 24 month service, everything is replaced such as fuel filters, spark plugs, engine coolant, brake fluid, pollen filter etc...

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