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We do everything from a basic oil change to an interm, full or major service including manufacturers and long-life service schedules. The most common service is the Full Service which is advised every 12 months on all makes and models of vehicles.  We will change the engine oil and oil filter, the air filter and check spark plugs and fuel filters and advise when they are needing to be replaced. We remove the wheels to visually check, clean and measure brakes, check every suspension and steering component and we give a full check list of every item replaced, inspected and topped up. Our services are designed to be cost effective and we only replace the parts required avoiding waste and unnecessary repairs.  Each make of vehicle is different and as such needs to be serviced in a specific way to dealership standards.

BMW: We have access to complete electronic service records online with BMW.

TYRES: We now have a tyre fitting service and 4 wheel laser wheel alignment.




















Car II








Commercial Van

All prices include our Care Beyond Repair 12 month guarantee and 12 months free diagnostics and all prices are inclusive of parts, labour and VAT.  At Tony's Garage we service vehicles in line with manufacturers specifications and use only certified high quality oils and parts.

Spark plugs and fuel filters are not included in the fixed price as many vehicles have long life spark plugs and fuel filters that do not need changing every service and we will advise should these items be needed on your vehicle.  The commercial van prices are in relation to certain vans that take large amounts of synthetic engine oils such as the Mercedes Sprinter.  Some vehicles take specialised oils and parts so prices may vary sligtly on some models due to the specific requirements of that service, prices are also subject to change but we do try to keep costs consistent.

Note: Car II on our price menu covers most higher performance and newer vehicles that take fully synthetic engine oil such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes including many vehicles that take specialist oils but some prices vary depending on the price of oils and filters.

MOT - £55.00 (£45 with any service) We are not a MOT test centre but we have a close relationship with our test centre, included in the MOT price is a pre MOT inspection to identify any faults on the vehicle prior to its test, any bulbs that need to be replaced are included in the price as are any small repairs and adjustments such as headlight aim or handbrake adjustments.

Diagnostics - £55.00 (free to all customers that have had any service or major repair within a 12 month period as part of our Care Beyond Repair guarantee)

  • We offer a 12 month FREE diagnostics with all services..

  • All work guaranteed for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles.


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